93-Year-Old Clint Eastwood Makes Rare Appearance For Jane Goodall Event

    Clint Eastwood has lived a life as full as they come, but even at 93, he still came out to an event honoring primatologist Jane Goodall in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The event, which required entry tickets, was Reasons for Hope, held at the Sunset Cultural Center.

    The event was held on March 24 and was presented by the Wildlife Conservation Network, and is part of a big milestone for Goodall, a fellow nonagenarian like Eastwood. She just turned 90 this April and is on a “90th birthday tour,” on top of globetrotting to investigate and condemn unethical business practices damaging the environment and local fauna.

    Clint Eastwood was seen looking frail but enthused at a Jane Goodall event


    Eastwood will be turning 94 at the end of May. During his recent, rare public appearance in celebration of Jane Goodall and her own venture into the nineties, Eastwood appeared frail, with a bushy white beard on prominent display matching a head of thinning white hair.

    However, he was lively and enthusiastic during the event, enjoying a seat right at the front and center of the presentation. Eastwood was accompanied by an assistant and wore baggy jeans, a pair of comfortable sneakers, a plaid shirt, and a light-blue jacket for the occasion.

    Goodall was in similarly good spirits through the festive and informative event.

    Both Clint Eastwood and Jane Goodall are keeping themselves very busy

    As she celebrates 90 the primartologist is jumping into her next project
    As she celebrates 90 the primatologist is jumping into her next project / Corine Solberg/ImageCollect.com

    Goodall’s tireless work is still expanding. A cultural complex is Tanzania will play host to Dr. Jane’s Dream, an immersive visual experience created by former Walt Disney Imagineers and African artisans that celebrates Goodall’s groundbreaking work as an environmentalist and primatologist. Goodall is just coming off of her work investigating unethical mining practices in Brazil, which are subsequently contaminating a nearby river and harming locals and wildlife alike.

    Like Jane Goodall, Clint Eastwood is keeping himself busy even at his age
    Like Jane Goodall, Clint Eastwood is keeping himself busy even at his age / Birdie Thompson/AdMedia

    Eastwood is keeping himself similarly busy, working on filming the upcoming movie Juror No. 2, which stars Nicholas Hoult and Toni Collette. Eastwood serves as director and producer in what is expected to be the final film of his career, after starting his own exhaustive and diverse work in the entertainment industry 70 years ago this spring.

    Congratulations to them both!


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