‘Amazing Talent’: David Foster & Katharine McPhee’s ‘Prodigy’ Son Wows Fans Playing Drums Onstage at 3

    At a tender age of three, Rennie Foster captivated audiences with his drumming prowess during a remarkable stage debut alongside his parents.

    The heartwarming moment, shared by his mother on Instagram, provided a glimpse into a captivating family affair, leaving spectators enchanted and anticipating a bright musical future for young Rennie.

    In a delightful display of burgeoning talent, Katharine McPhee and David Foster’s three-year-old son, Rennie, stole hearts with a captivating performance at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., on February 25.

    Accompanied by his musical parents, Rennie showcased his drumming skills on stage, receiving widespread admiration.

    McPhee took to Instagram to share the special moment, captioning the video, “had a VERY special guest join us on stage for the first time #ProudMom.”

    The footage captured Rennie energetically drumming along as his father played the piano, while McPhee swayed to the rhythm of “St. Elmo’s Fire (Man in Motion).”

    While Rennie’s involvement with the drums was apparent, McPhee clarified the reality of the performance in the comments section. She explained that the legendary drummer John Robinson was playing, and Rennie was merely imitating his motions, unmic’d but adorable in his debut.

    The video quickly garnered praise from fans, with many dubbing Rennie a “child prodigy.” Comments flooded in, expressing admiration for the adorable performance and acknowledging the evident source of Rennie’s talent from his musical lineage.

    Rennie’s drumming skills had previously gained attention in January when McPhee shared a TikTok video showcasing his flair for music.

    In the clip, Rennie showcased his drumming abilities on a red drum set, energetically keeping pace with Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You.” Foster looked on, offering occasional guidance, while McPhee affectionately referred to her “2-year-old baby” as a genius.

    Celebrating Rennie’s third birthday, the family enjoyed a trip to Disney World, as documented on McPhee’s Instagram.

    From meeting Mickey Mouse fearlessly to indulging in culinary delights, the family created cherished memories during the special occasion.

    Beyond showcasing Rennie’s emerging talent, the family’s parenting styles also came to light. Despite their generational differences, Foster and McPhee navigate their distinct approaches to discipline with mutual respect, prioritizing love, respect, and patience in raising Rennie.

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