Fans Go WILD After Oppenheimer Superstar Actor Cillian Murphy Rumored To Be Next James Bond

    Actor Cillian Murphy has caught the eye of Bond bosses after joining the running of being the next James Bond.

    Many can’t help but wonder who would take over from former James Bond star Daniel Craig and it appears we have a great name in the running.
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    The 47-year-old actor won plenty of accolades for his leading performance in the hit film Oppenheimer and is also rumored to be a hot favorite for the Oscars this year, which will air on Sunday.

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    As per recently published reports from The Sun, his performance in the famous movie managed to catch the eyes of Bond bosses who are still hunting for a suitable star to fill in Craig’s shoes as the latest replacement for Daniel Craig.

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    The source mentioned how Cillian is the toast of the leading Hollywood star at this moment in time and this would be his ultimate role. “This is a great way to elevate the Bond franchise with a star who happens to be at the very top of his game”- another report mentioned.

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    It was also quoted by insiders how they had been keeping a close eye on the actor since the past year and that includes the franchise’s leading producer.

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