Jennifer Garner and Fin Affleck have an emotional moment in Los Angeles

    Jennifer Garner had an emotional moment with Fin Affleck. The proud mom was photographed spending some quality time with her child, sharing a sweet moment together in Los Angeles and holding hands. The pair were also joined by her daughter Violet, who seemed to be happy about the reunion.

    The actress was spotted having an emotional encounter with Fin. The pair rushed for a hug outside Ben Affleck’s home in Los Angeles.

    Jennifer Garner está radiante saliendo de la casa de su ex Ben Affleck con sus dos hijos Violet y Fin, de género neutral, abrazando a Fin y felicitándola.

    Jennifer was also joined by Violet. The family was all smiles during their reunion, seemingly happy to share a sweet moment together.

    Jennifer gave Fin a kiss and the pair held hands. The three of them shared a casual conversation and wore casual outfits.

    Jennifer wore a blue crewneck sweater and gray trousers, while Fin wore a green t-shirt and green cargo pants.

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