Jimmy Carter is captured at beloved wife’s funeral covered in a blanket with a special purpose. Praying internet users “give him another 2 weeks.”

    The late former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter has been laid to rest following her death, and fellow political figures, friends, and loved ones attended her memorial service.

    Of the attendees, her loving husband, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, made a rare appearance wrapped in a special blanket.

    Upon seeing the bereaved widower, many people expressed their worry that he might pass away soon.

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter speaking at a conference in New York on September 1, 1979 | Source: Getty Images

    Just over a week ago, iconic former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter passed away on November 19, at 96. Along with the incredible legacy and memory she left behind, her kids, grandkids, and loving husband of 77 years, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, 99, have been left bereaved.

    Throughout her entire life, Rosalynn and Jimmy remained at each other’s sides, especially when they were both enduring health ailments in home hospice care, which Jimmy remains in. Standing by her husband’s side, the barrier-breaking late legend served the nation as first lady from 1977 to 1981.

    Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former U.S. President Jimmy Carter at a formal event on April 17, 1978 | Source: Getty Images

    As a couple, Rosalynn and Jimmy were so intricately tied to each other, so much so that when she was still alive, they did almost everything together. They never spent extensive time apart as they wanted to be near each other every time, both in life and in death, as they previously disclosed their plans to be buried close by each other underneath a willow tree in Plains, Georgia.

    A memorial service was held on Tuesday to honor the phenomenal life that Jimmy’s beloved wife led. Prominent and well-known political officials and figures, the U.S. President, Vice President, and other former first ladies, attended the tribute service, which took place at Glenn Memorial Church.

    The most notable and rare attendance was by Jimmy, who had left his home, accompanied by a medical professional, to attend his late spouse’s service. Along with Jimmy were he and Rosalynn’s children, which included their daughter, Amy Carter, who held onto her dad’s hand multiple times during the funeral.

    Amy Carter, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, and James "Chip" Carter at former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter's memorial service in Atlanta, Georgia on November 28, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    At one point during the service, Amy tearfully read out one of the letters her father wrote for her late mother. She also said the following about her parents’ everlasting love:

    “My mom spent most of her life in love with my dad. Their partnership and love story was a defining feature of her life.”

    Besides the beautiful and impactful memorial, another way Rosalynn was commemorated involved the attire the love of her life wore. Upon entering the service in a wheelchair, Jimmy had a special blanket draped over his legs, which was covered in endearing photos of Rosalynn and his faces embroidered on the front.

    In addition to illustrations of the lovebirds, the blanket also paid homage to their hometown, Plains, Georgia, where they initially met as children.

    When people saw Jimmy’s rare appearance at Rosalynn’s memorial service, many expressed their fears about him potentially not being around for too much longer. Some even went so far as to put a time limit on his life, citing their belief that Jimmy will end up passing in a matter of weeks.

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter at his late wife's memorial service in Atlanta, Georgia on November 28, 2023 | Source: Getty Images

    In addition to him still being in hospice care, the public feels this way because of the overwhelming grief he now has to deal with at such a frail age, given the fact that he just lost the love of his life. In this regard, a social media user commented:

    “I give him another 2 weeks and he will be gone too, just out of sadness.”

    More people continued to agree with comments about Jimmy’s predicted upcoming demise. Another person put forward that he would die:

    “From a broken heart.”

    Others expressed their deepest sympathy for Jimmy and sent their best wishes and prayers. Another person praised Jimmy as remarkable and highlighted how his selfless acts changed the world.


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