Julia Roberts: A Hollywood Star Who Cherishes Family Time

    Julia Roberts, renowned for her roles in box office hits like “Pretty Woman,” made a deliberate choice to embrace the life of a stay-at-home mom after having her children. Despite her status as a Hollywood legend, she has demonstrated her ability to be an exceptional mother.

    She decided to step away from her acting career and prioritize her family. Her family includes her husband, Henry Daniel Moder, their twins named Hazel and Phinneas Moder, as well as their son, Henry Moder. Julia wholeheartedly embraces her new role as a full-time mom.

    Julia finds motherhood incredibly fulfilling. She wholeheartedly embraces every aspect of being a homemaker. Her daily routine includes cooking breakfast for her children, managing kitchen cleanup, and moving on to prepare lunch. By the time dinner rolls around, she’s already had a full and productive day. She has expressed her satisfaction with this lifestyle, emphasizing the joy she derives from taking care of her family.

    “I don’t have the luxury of sitting around any more. I must have had bags of spare time before I had children but I don’t know what I did with it and I didn’t appreciate it.”

    She also has the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time with her family and said with a smile, “My life at home gives me absolute joy.” Although she enjoys taking care of her family, life at home can occasionally become a bit monotonous. Julia explained:

    “And, as with anybody who’s a mom or a wife, it just becomes part of your everyday routine. Some days it’s super fun and some days it’s a chore.”

    However, she hasn’t retired from acting altogether. It just takes more convincing to get her to take on a role. Julia admitted that whenever she finds a project with a fascinating plot or a compelling character, she is still tempted to do it.

    Regarding her new life as a stay-at-home mom, the “Eat, Pray, Love” actress immersed herself so fully that she didn’t even tell her kids what her job was for a long time. They had no idea their mom was one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood.

    It’s almost impossible not to notice a star of her caliber, and her children eventually started catching on. But initially, Julia didn’t disclose her profession, and they simply assumed she had no job because she spent so much time cooking meals and looking after the household.

    Julia shared a bit about her approach to preparing meals and where her inspiration and love for cooking came from. She learned a lot from her mother, who preferred making everything from scratch using ingredients from her garden. Although she doesn’t go to the same lengths, she still has a few culinary tricks up her sleeve.

    Since her children have grown older, they’ve realized more and more that their mother is a successful actress.

    The actress commented that cooking for her family is a “privilege,” “honor,” and “luxury” she didn’t realize. Her family has made her life even more fulfilling than it has been, and even her co-stars took to her new role as a mom. She laughed about how Julianne Nicholson sewed new sleeping bags for Hazel’s dolls.

    Despite her widespread fame, Julia prefers to be a regular mom when she’s at home. She shared that she loves to have family meals together, so they can all share in each other’s company regularly. She prefers having dinner and breakfast with her children, saying:

    “I usually have breakfast and dinner with my kids every day. I think it really punctuates, you know, starting things together and sort of processing and winding it down together.”

    Since her children have grown older, they’ve realized more and more that their mother is a successful actress, and she started taking them along whenever she was filming a movie that required her to travel. She mentioned that having her kids around keeps her down to earth:

    “There’s something very humbling when you have kids, and you come home from some event and you have on this big dress and heels and diamonds, and it’s like, ‘Can I have a snack?’ And you go, ‘Yeah.’”

    The actress said she and her husband, Daniel, agreed they would raise their kids as if they were just another regular family. Julia emphasized the importance of teaching her kids essential life skills, like doing their laundry, making their own beds, and looking after themselves.

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