Katy Perry Explains That Gone-Viral EYE TWITCH!

    In a recent interview, Katy Perry addressed the viral video showing her eye twitching, putting rumors to rest and shedding light on the peculiar phenomenon.

    During the interview, Perry expressed her excitement about an upcoming event and joked about potentially crashing the stage, showcasing her playful and unpredictable nature. When questioned about the video capturing her eye twitching, Perry revealed the surprising cause behind it.

    Credit: pinterest/popsugar.com

    She attributed the involuntary twitch to spending countless hours in the hair and makeup chair over the years. Perry explained that the repetitive motions and intense focus during makeup sessions likely led to the peculiar eye twitch, which she now jokingly refers to as her “party trick.”

    Despite some concern from fans, Perry assured that the twitch doesn’t alarm her makeup artists, who are already accustomed to her vibrant personality. She emphasized her affection for her makeup team, describing herself as “the sweetest pie” to them.

    The conversation then turned to Perry’s recent birthday celebration, where she received the ultimate gift: spending time with her daughter, Daisy. Perry expressed immense gratitude for her daughter, describing her as the “light” in her life.

    Sharing a heartwarming anecdote, Perry reflected on the joy of dropping off her daughter at preschool before heading to her Las Vegas residency show. She highlighted the pride she feels in fulfilling both her roles as a mother and a performer, even if it means preparing sandwiches in her robe with a full face of makeup.

    attends the Dream Foundation’s 11th Annual Celebration of Dreams at Bacara Resport and Spa on November 16, 2012 in Santa Barbara, California. Dream Foundation is a national organization that serves the final whishes of adults – and their families – facing life-threatening illness.

    Despite her glamorous career, Perry emphasized that being a mom is her most rewarding role, signifying a balance between her personal and professional life.

    This candid interview offers fans a glimpse into Perry’s multifaceted life, showcasing her humor, dedication to family, and unwavering passion for her craft.

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