Katy Perry Flaunts New Lower Back «Tattoo» in a Risky Outfit, Sparks Criticism

    Katy Perry has once again captured the spotlight with her unapologetic style. The pop icon, known for her daring fashion sense, arrived at an award event in a stunning getup that raised some eyebrows.

    © katyperry / Instagram
    Katy Perry’s latest look was a showstopper with a bold black thong visible under a vibrant red skirt that laced up. She paired it with a corset top and towering black heels, radiating sheer confidence. Her sleek ponytail was the perfect match for her pearl necklace and earrings.
    Richard Shotwell/Invision/East News

    But it wasn’t just her clothes that made waves; Perry also showed off a new 3D skin color prosthetic tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back.

    © katyperry / Instagram
    Katy’s bold look and the tattoo earned her praise from the fans but some also expressed their unhappiness. «I’m sad that children see this….» commented a person on Katy’s photo. «Sorry but this dress and butterfly tattoo or whatever it is is ew,» added another.

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