Keanu Reeves Gets to Cuddle a Bunch of Puppies, and His Reaction Is Priceless

    Keanu Reeves playing with puppies might just be the definition of “cuteness.” The 58-year-old beloved star played a game on TV that involved a bunch of Golden Retriever puppies. And his reaction to the game was nothing short of what we’d expect from one of Hollywood’s nicest and most adored men.

    Keanu is the “puppy king.”

    While promoting the release of his upcoming movie John Wick: Chapter Four, on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonKeanu participated in a “pup quiz.” The actor and the talk show host played a session of animal-related trivia, during which every correct answer would be matched with a Golden Retriever puppy.

    As they were competing against each other, Fallon humorously commented that the game was “not fair,” explaining, “I’m not taking a puppy away from John Wick.”

    The session ended with a beaming Reeves almost entirely eclipsed by Golden Retrievers in his chair as he triumphed over the host of the show. And it seemed that the actor was really enjoying this sweet situation as he victoriously yelled, “I’m the puppy king!”

    Before the quiz, Reeves and Fallon sat down for an interview where he talked about the much-anticipated fourth film in the John Wick franchise.

    As they were chatting, the host brought up the time Keanu “crashed someone’s wedding in London” and celebrated the event with the bride and groom by taking photos together. As Fallon showed those pics, Keanu mockingly commented, “One of these things does not belong, and it was me.”

    He loves a good prank.

    During their chat, Keanu’s prank-loving side was once again mentioned, as Fallon remembered the time they ran into each other at a restaurant, and Keanu made everyone believe that it was Fallon’s birthday.

    The host recalled, “You had the whole restaurant come over and sing me Happy Birthday. And it was not my birthday…I blew out the candle.”


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