Kelly Ripa Hears from Mark Consuelos He Doesn’t Want Any More Kids

    Mark Consuelos has expressed his anticipation of becoming a grandfather in the future, despite his decision not to have more children.

    In a sneak peek from Kelly Ripa’s upcoming podcast, “Let’s Chat Off Camera with Kelly Ripa,” she asks her husband if he would consider remarrying. Consuelos, 51, firmly states that he won’t marry again because he has no intention of having more children.

    In the podcast snippet, Consuelos mentions that he doesn’t want any more kids and is prepared to be an older father.

    Ripa inquires about older men starting families, to which Consuelos humorously remarks about the challenges they might face with hip and knee replacements. Despite acknowledging that it was a bit early for them to have children, he reflects on their fortunate journey as parents.

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