Megyn Kelly Calls for Boycott of Taylor Swift After Singer’s Attendance at Gaza Charity Event

    Megyn Kelly wants fans to “boycott” Taylor Swift after the singer attended a Gaza fundraising event

    with her close pal Selena Gomez amid the Israel–Hamas war.

    The political commentator bashed Swift for going to comedian Ramy Youssef’s show in Brooklyn on Dec. 8 —

    which donated all proceeds to American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) — on her eponymous SiriusXM show Tuesday.

    Kelly, 53, noted that Jerusalem-based organization NGO Monitor describes Anera as “‘highly political,’ presenting a ‘highly biased view’ of the Israel–Palestine war, ‘ignoring any Palestinian responsibility for hardship and contributing to the demonization of Israel.’

    “That is the group Taylor Swift thought it might be fun to help raise money for, attend the fundraiser for,” the journalist continued, “and she owes Israelis and Jewish Americans an apology.”

    Kelly even went so far as to share her hope that Swifties will “boycott” the “Cruel Summer” singer’s events “until she issues” a mea culpa.

    8Megyn Kelly slammed Taylor Swift for attending a Gaza fundraiser.

    8Kelly said the charity event raised money for an organization that allegedly ignores “any Palestinian responsibility for hardship and contributing to the demonization of Israel.”Siriusxm

    “Attending this thing was wrong. It was wrong. Do some Googling. See what they do in Gaza to gays. See about women’s rights in Gaza, Taylor,” she said.

    “Otherwise, do this when it comes to talking about those issues again,” the former Fox News host concluded while motioning her hand to tell Swift to keep her mouth shut. “You clearly know nothing.”

    Page Six has reached out to Swift’s rep for comment.

    Anera’s website insists the nonprofit “does not work or even coordinate with” Hamas, which the US Department of State designates as a “terrorist group.”

    8Kelly believes Swift “owes Israelis and Jewish Americans an apology.”

    Other celebrities seen at the event included Cara Delevingne, Anya Taylor-Joy and Zoë Kravitz.

    Swift — who has 278 million Instagram followers and was just named Time’s Person of the Year — has been criticized for staying silent after Hamas’ Oct. 7 terrorist attack on Israeli citizens that left more than 1,200 dead, 240 kidnapped and many 𝑠e𝑥ually brutalized.

    The Grammy winner’s bodyguard even reportedly returned to Israel to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces amid the conflict.

    8Swift and Selena Gomez attended a comedy show benefiting

    Many fans flocked to social media to react to Swift’s attendance at the charity event.

    “Since October 7th, Taylor Swift has made ZERO mentions of the massacre that occurred in Israel at the hands of Hamas terrorists,” the StopAntisemitism organization tweeted Monday. “Her own bodyguard, who is charged with protecting her life, went to Israel to serve in the IDF. Swift did, however, make the time to attend a Gaza fundraiser Friday evening with Selena Gomez. When will you attend a fundraiser for Israel @taylorswift13?”

    “I can’t believe her I was a full time swiftie, and now it’s gone. All my respect. So sad she has lost me as a fan,” a Twitter user responded.

    8Kelly also said that fans should “boycott”

    “I’m sure Selena Gomez’s fundraising will help,” another user sarcastically wrote over a video of Hamas terrorists stealing a UN aid truck intended for Gaza citizens.

    “Not to mention that one of the massacre victims that was considered kidnapped for over a month was a Swiftie, and many fans and even Israel’s account reached out to @taylorswift13 for help and she totally ignored them!!!” a third tweeter noted.

    “Not my person of the year!!” another added.

    8The fundraiser was a comedy show by Ramy Youssef.Rob Kim

    Social media influencer Lindsay Pinchuk also slammed Swift’s presence at the fundraiser, saying in a viral video on Instagram, “When a celebrity this big makes a statement like this, the flames are fanned for more hate and antisemitism for Jewish people.”

    Others, however, argued that Swift, 34, was entitled to help Palestinians suffering during the war.

    “I always loved her songs. Now I’m proud to say I’m a swifty!” one person tweeted.

    8The singer has remained silent about Hamas’ war on

    “What a sad, pathetic take, Megyn. She attended a comedy show with proceeds going to support HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS in Gaza, where thousands have died and more will. She also donated 1 mil to TN tornado relief efforts today, but you’ll never mention that,” a second wrote.

    “I think anyone blindly supporting either side owes an apology. Both sides are pretty gross,” another chimed in.

    Kelly previously called out Gigi Hadid for spreading misinformation about the Israeli government amid the conflict.

    8Swift’s bodyguard reportedly served in the IFD after the Oct. 7

    “First of all, Gigi Hadid is an idiot,” the former NBC News personality told the Daily Mail in November of the Palestinian American model. “She should concentrate [on] walking down the long runway and trying to look pretty; she does a pretty good job of that.”

    Hadid, 28, posted an apology at the time after being criticized for a since-deleted Instagram post accusing Israel of the “abduction, rape, humiliation, torture [and] murder” of Palestinians for “years and years and years” before Hamas’ attack.

    The “Next in Fashion” co-host has nearly 79 million Instagram followers, which is more than five times the worldwide Jewish population.

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