Only a Blind Man Could Cheat On His Wife With Her! Here Is the Woman Who Broke the Marriage of Schwarzenegger

    In 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ Maria Shriver filed for divorce shortly after his affair came to light! 💔😩A plain housekeeper became the one who broke their marriage of 2️⃣5️⃣ years! 😳🤫 Be prepared to be horrified when you see the one with whom the actor cheated on his wife in this article! 👇

    The marriage between this couple has lasted for over 2 decades which was broken, believe it or not, because of Schwarzenegger’s love affair. It was back in 2011 that Maria filed for divorce causing public controversy. Just imagine the woman’s astonishment when his infidelity came to light.

    Believe it or not, the one who broke their marriage was their housekeeper. Whenever people see her photos, they can’t perceive how a man like him could choose her over his beautiful wife. When the housekeeper started to call her child «a mini version of Arnold», Maria started suspecting and soon found out that Joseph was her husband’s illegitimate heir.

    Later, the man admitted that what he did was unacceptable, but he didn’t want his heir to feel that he was unwanted. So, the «Terminator» star supports them as much as possible. Joseph has already grown up and follows his father’s career footsteps. He takes great interest in bodybuilding.

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