Rachel from «Friends» has aged and is not the same!: Far not everyone liked the off-screen appearance of Aniston

    Everyone’s favorite Rachel from «Friends» showed her grayed hair and face in close up! 🧐😮

    People have mixed opinions about Jennifer Aniston’s natural beauty! 😕

    Even being at 50 fails to prevent Jennifer Aniston from delighting the entire world with her ageless beauty and unfading attractiveness.

    Many strongly hold the opinion that everyone’s favorite Rachel has aged like wine and still looks amazing.

    While promoting a hair care product, Jennifer showed her gray hair and face in close up resulting in mixed reactions. The grayed strands of her hair and imperfect skin quickly became the subject of heated discussions.

    Interestingly enough, far not everyone truly liked the off-screen appearance of the 50-year-old actress. Some believed that she looked even older her age and completely let herself go.

    «Thank you for your honesty and openness! We all appreciate it», «The only woman in Hollywood I will admire forever!», «Wow, she looks amazing and even better than many 25-year-olds today».

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