Richard Gere as Husband: Actor Shielded His Eyes Surrounded by Topless Ladies on Family Vacation

    Richard Gere is now 73 and a proud husband and father of three grown kids.

    Now married for two decades, Gere has shown how great of a husband he is.

    He once shielded his eyes at a beach with many topless women in respect of his wife.

    Richard Gere is a famous A-list actor having starred in several romantic movies through the decades. From “Nights in Rodanthe” to “An Officer and A Gentleman,” he’s a leading man that captivated many through his acting.

    In real life, Gere has been married thrice, first to Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995, then to Carey Lowell from 2002 to 2016, and finally to marrying Alejandra Silva in 2018.

    Gere has three children but has kept a tight lip regarding them. He welcomed his son Homer in 2000 with Lowell and has two sons with Silva, one of whom has never been named publicly.

    In the same way that he’s been a romantic, respectable man in many of his movies, it appears to be the same situation in real life. He’s been pegged as a true gentleman, proving his love and devotion to his wife.

    Temptations are everywhere. But for a famous actor like Gere, they are nothing compared to his wife. When he was still married to his second wife, Carey Lowell, there was no space for lies or infidelity. During an interview, Gere revealed that his wife could tell whenever he was lying.

    Gere agreed, humorously describing his conversation with his then-wife, saying: “‘Did you look at that girl? Were you looking at that girl?’ ‘No, my head was just over there; I didn’t look.’”

    His truthfulness was eventually tested when he vacationed to Saint-Barthelemy with his then-wife and their son Homer. The star sat between two topless women, yet he kept his gaze forward, watching his wife and son as they swam on the beach.

    In 2016, when Gere was only dating his now-wife Alejandra Silva, he showed everyone at the San Sebastian Film Festival that he only had eyes for her.

    During the “Time Out Of Mind” photocall, he wrapped an arm around his girlfriend’s waist as they smiled beside one another. They both looked delighted, laughing and smiling as they posed for the cameras. In candid moments, he makes sure Silva is well-attended. He was once filmed carefully guiding her out of a car.

    Even after they married, Gere remained respectful and loving towards his wife. He shows her off on red-carpet events, and his body language toward her is sweet.

    The pair met at a hotel that Silva managed in Positano, Italy. Gere was smitten, and he wrote her songs and sent her flowers until she agreed to go out with him. Silva’s questions about their age gap disappeared when she could no longer deny their strong connection.

    The lovely couple enjoys going to the beach and jetting off whenever possible. In 2019, they took a trip to Tuscany, where they enjoyed a boat trip around the island.

    Gere is 33 years Silva’s senior, but they are not bothered by the huge age gap between them.
    A true gentleman, the actor carried two heavy bags of their personal belongings while Silva walked carefree in a black bikini. On the boat, they were joined by several other people and their young son.

    After the COVID-19 pandemic, Gere, Silva, and their two boys took a trip to Ibiza, Spain. They splashed around the beach, wading in the water and sitting by the sand.

    It appears Gere isn’t just a gentleman when people are around. His wife agrees that her husband is filled with all the good qualities a woman could wish for in a man.

    Gere is 33 years Silva’s senior, but they are not bothered by the huge age gap between them. They celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in April 2023 on a beach trip with their kids.

    Aside from their two sons, Gere is a stepfather to his wife’s older son, Albert, from a previous marriage. Silva is of Spanish descent, while Gere is American. Silva obtained her American citizenship in November 2022, four years after marrying Gere.

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