Sean Hannity quietly divorced his wife after more than 20 years together

    Sean Hannity, the influential television personality known for his show on Fox News,

    has had quite the journey from his humble beginnings to becoming a household name in media.

    Despite his public presence, Hannity has kept much of his personal life under wraps.

    Born on December 30, 1961, in New York City to first-generation Irish immigrants,

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    Hannity grew up in the Long Island suburb of Franklin Square. Raised in a working-class family, he started working from a young age, delivering newspapers and later holding various jobs in restaurants.

    Hannity’s foray into radio began in 1989, hosting his first talk show on a college radio station. However, his early career was not without controversy, as he faced backlash for a controversial remark about a lesbian mother, leading to his departure from the station. Undeterred, he moved to Alabama, where he found work at conservative AM stations.

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    In 1996, Hannity’s career took a significant turn when Fox News was launched, and he was hired as one of the network’s political commentators. Despite initial doubts about his suitability for television, Hannity persevered and eventually became a prominent figure on the network. Alongside the late Alan Colmes, he co-hosted “Hannity & Colmes” before hosting his own show, “Hannity.”

    Throughout his career, Hannity has maintained a strong presence in conservative media, earning both praise and criticism for his views. Despite facing initial skepticism, he has become one of Fox News’s biggest stars and earns a reported $25 million annually.

    Sean Hannity is dating 'Fox & Friends' co-host Ainsley Earhardt

    In his personal life, Hannity was married to Jill Rhodes for over 20 years before their divorce in 2019. The couple shares two children, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly Hannity. Following his divorce, rumors emerged about Hannity’s relationship with Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt. While both denied the reports initially, they were later spotted together at various events and have been seen quarantining together during the pandemic.

    Despite the scrutiny and speculation surrounding his personal life, Hannity continues to focus on his career and raising his children. As he navigates the ups and downs of public life, he remains a prominent figure in American media, shaping political discourse and influencing public opinion.

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