Sharon Osbourne gets ill and is rushed to the hospital.

    Sharon Osbourne’s recent health scare has grabbed headlines as she fell ill while working on a new television project, reportedly a sitcom with a supernatural theme.

    On December 16, while staying at the Glen Tavern Inn in California, emergency medical services were summoned around 6:15 p.m. PST to assist her.

    The exact status of Osbourne’s health remains uncertain as she continues to receive treatment at a nearby hospital.

    Meanwhile, her husband, rock icon Ozzy Osbourne, has been facing his own health battles.

    After undergoing extensive back surgery to address a longstanding injury from a fall years ago, Ozzy’s recovery has been progressing well, according to a statement from the family.

    Despite initially struggling to walk properly before the operation, recent images show him up and about with the support of a cane, indicating signs of progress in his recovery journey.

    In a surprising turn of events, Ozzy Osbourne has announced plans to leave the United States, citing concerns over gun violence and expressing a desire to return to his native England.

    Disheartened by the prevalence of tragic shootings and violent incidents, Ozzy feels it’s time to bid farewell to America and seek solace in his homeland.

    Reflecting on his health struggles, Ozzy candidly describes the excruciating nerve pain he endured post-surgery, likening it to the intense discomfort of warming frozen hands after playing in the snow.

    Despite the challenges, Ozzy remains determined to move forward and prioritize his well-being, even if it means bidding farewell to his longtime residence in California.

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