This Girl Became a Popular TV Host Who Suffered a Mini-Stroke While Taping Her Show & Married Her Husband Twice

    This girl began a television career after retiring from her law career.

    She cemented her name as a bonafide star after landing a reality show.

    This star married her husband twice.

    This television star has had a long career on and off the screen. The famous star recently celebrated her birthday, and she once experienced a health scare while taping her show. This celebrity was born to Jewish parents Ethel and Murray in Brooklyn, New York, on October 12, 1942. Her mother was an office manager, and her father was a dentist.

    This girl attended James Madison High School, an elite public school where she graduated in 1960. She received her college education at the American University in Washington, D.C., graduating in 1963. The star furthered her studies by enrolling at American University’s Washington College of Law, where she was the only woman in a class of 126 students.

    She completed her law degree at New York Law School in New York City and obtained the qualification in 1965, having passed the New York bar exam. This public figure landed her first job as a corporate lawyer for a cosmetics firm but later quit because of dissatisfaction. She then became a prosecutor in 1972.

    Judge Judy Sheindlin walking in Los Angeles in 2018 | Source: Getty images

    In 1993, she rose to public prominence after being featured in an article in The Los Angeles Times. Shortly after, she appeared in a segment on “60 Minutes.” After being a judge for 25 years, this well-known public figure retired in 1996, but that was not the end of her law career as she bagged a reality TV show that turned her into a household name.

    Who Is This Girl Who Became a Popular TV Host?
    After establishing her celebrity status, this girl’s agent pitched the idea of doing a courtroom television program to a production company. The famously known “Judge Judy” show was born. It first aired in September 1996 and was hosted by Judy Sheindlin.

    She became known as the no-nonsense judge on-screen as the program’s success soared. But there was one concerning incident that occurred several years later.

    While taping “Judge Judy” in March 2011, the arbitrator experienced a health scare. She spoke about the ordeal in May of that year, revealing she suffered a mini-stroke, adding her colleagues whom she had worked with for over a decade noticed there was something wrong, “[…] And without asking, which was probably a good thing, because I would’ve said ‘don’t go there,’ they called paramedics.”

    Judy ended up in the hospital and divulged that she may have suffered a transient ischemic attack. Earlier that day, she experienced double vision, which quickly disappeared, but once filming began, she started speaking slowly.

    The CBS 3 chief health correspondent explained that the media personality’s symptoms may have been “a sign of a stroke – or the beginning of a really large, major stroke.” Judy was released from the hospital a day after tests. As for her syndicated court show, it aired for 25 years until 2021. Judy earned a reported $47 million per season, making her the highest-paid TV host.

    In addition to her health scare, the judge also found herself in a legal debacle after Touch Weekly, a celebrity gossip magazine, published a story titled ‘Inside Judge Judy’s Quest to Save the Menendez Brothers Nearly 35 Years After Their Parents’ Murder.’

    Judge Judy walking in Los Angeles in 2019 | Source: Getty Images

    The article claimed that they cited quotes from Judy in the Fox Nation documentary about the well-known murder case. However, Judy’s representative and Fox News confirmed that she did not even appear in the documentary.

    She was absolutely outraged by the article and felt that it tempered with the reputation she spent years building. Therefore, Judy was willing to take legal action against the publication. She released a statement regarding the issue stating, “I have spent 60 years building a reputation in the judicial system, both as a judge, and as a successful television personality.”

    Touch Weekly did not respond immediately to the comments, but after the Daily Mail published an article disputing the claims, the article was removed. Despite this, Judy still wanted to pursue legal action.

    Judy Turned 81 – She Has Been Married Three Times
    Judy has since begun a new court show called “Judy Justice,” in its second season. Aside from her successful career, she has celebrated milestones such as turning 81.

    Under the now-defunct court program’s Instagram page of “Judge Judy,” there is a birthday tribute to her with a message that reads: “Happy Birthday to the one and only Judge Judy!” In her long life, Judy has been married three times and is a mother and grandmother.”

    The “Judy Justice” lead might be in her 80s but she still works hard to keep her body strong. According to reports, she works out for a total of 10 hours a week. Judy also decided not to get a personal trainer, instead, she loves to workout on her own at her home gym.

    Judy also gets her husband to join her, and together they workout for about 60 to 90 minutes every morning. “If your mind is in shape and your body is not, [the weaker] one will eventually affect the other,” emphasized Judy.

    The television producer’s first marriage was to Ronald Levy, whom she married from 1964 to 1976. The former couple welcomed two children together. Judy later met her current spouse, Jerry Sheindlin, an on-screen courtroom judge on “The People’s Court,” at a bar.

    He had just finished trying a murder case as a defense lawyer when she was still working as a prosecutor. While at the bar, Jerry, whom Judy advised to do “The People’s Court,” was speaking to a reporter from the New York Times when his future wife came along and put her finger in his face, asking who he was.

    Judy Sheindlin and Jerry Sheindlin at "The Performers" on Broadway at The Longacre Theater on November 10, 2012 in New York City. | Source: Getty Images

    He told her to remove her finger from his face; they have been together since that encounter. In a May 2013 interview, Judy recalled that Jerry was hesitant about getting married just a year into their relationship. She suggested if he wanted them to cohabit, he should ask for her father’s permission.

    Judy revealed that the attorney opted to set a date for their wedding because he was “afraid” of her dad, and they were married from 1977 to 1990. After their divorce, the couple reconciled and wed again in 1991. They have been married for three decades now.

    The couple has been together for over four decades, and the secret to a long-lasting and happy marriage for Judge Judy is giving each other enough space. “You don’t spend 24 hours together because that’s deadly,” she said.

    On her husband’s 90th birthday, she said the best thing about still being with Jerry is that she still loves how he looks when she sees him walking into a room, which shows that they have done something right.

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